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Tricks, advice and inspiration for looks to be comfortable and stylish

MadCool, Primavera Sound, Arenal Sound, the options are endless, as there is a music festival for each style. But the truth is that these are an essential stop when the good weather approaches, either in a beach location or without leaving the city. The approach of the holidays encourages us to make many plans with friends and, probably, some of them are a Music festival. Then one question becomes clear. How to dress to go to a festival?

And it is that it is an exciting plan, especially when we move away from home, from the search for accommodation, to the search for restaurants in the area, to taste the gastronomy of the place. And it is that although international festivals inspire us, without leaving Spain we already find very interesting options with which to disconnect, enjoy and escape for a few hours.

How to dress to go to the festival: ideas of original looks

And we do not overlook another very important detail, once we have all the above organized, we must take care of the looks that we will take, because surely these will be days in which we will take hundreds of photos to remember.

tomorrowland or coachella they offer us the perfect inspiration to create our festival looks. And it is that these international events become a tourist attraction for hundreds of familiar faces who dress up in authentic looks to enjoy the music that the festival offers.

How to dress in 2023 at music festivals

Each festival focuses on a type of music, techno, pop, rock, indie, and this is what has traditionally defined the style of looks that attendees wear. But if we take out the magnifying glass and look carefully at the latest editions of international festivals, we can see that these styles blur and mix, creating a new dress code much more flexiblewhere the rules are broken and creativity and personal style prevail.


Sara Carbonero is clear that this fringed jacket (with cowboy boots) is everything we need for fall music festivals

Knowing this, you can opt for the most comfortable sneakers in your closet, frayed jean shorts and a White T-shirt, or work on those looks a little more to feel like a true Hollywood star on your days off and get some photos that will make you smile every time you look at them again. The truth is that it is not so complicated to create trendy looks to go to festivals and at the same time are so comfortable that they allow you to enjoy without limits, you just have to look at the looks of the famous in recent years to extract the best keys . Shall we start?

The best festival looks that celebrities have worn


Trendy looks to be fashionable

You have probably come across the concept aesthetic on Tiktok or Instagram (if you haven’t already enthusiastically embraced it in your life as many have lately). Although, also probably, you may not have fully understood its meaning, since it is so broad and volatile that it is easy to get lost. And it is that only by attending to its literal translation, “esthetic”, we will not be able to clear up many doubts. Does any style of dress look for the opposite?

aesthetic style

What is being aesthetic?

It literally means betting on the aesthetic, which gives us pleasure to the eye, whether it is when dressing or decorating a house. something like having a personal, coherent and identifiable, yet eclectic style. In short: stand out in a world where fashion is more globalized than ever. Although this is an interpretation of the concept, it is actually very recent.

Actually, the term aesthetic was coined in the century XVIII (1735) German philosopher Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten to refer to aesthetics as an independent discipline, based on the combination of art and beauty. Therefore, originally, the concept has always belonged to the world of art.

The new aesthetic born on the internet

However, the trend that is now going strong in the world of fashion has its origin in social networks and the internet, in the 2010s. Specifically, in a movement of tumblrthe microblogging platform, which blends nostalgia for the retro 80s and 90s aesthetic with styles like grunge, gothic and sporty.

From Tumblr he went to Pinterest and from there, to Instagram.For this reason, the aesthetic has a lot to do with the essentials that have been made filters on the web to give images and videos a certain aesthetic, sometimes making them age, such as by putting a fictitious past date.

This new trend is also inspired by the Japanese cultureespecially in anime and kawaii (naif) aesthetics.

In terms of fashion and lifestyle, an aesthetic person today is mainly one who through their style manifests a longing for those years who has not even lived. There are even those who identify it with a reconciliation with the past. The key, well, is that combination between nostalgic and futuristicthrough retro elements and bright colors in the appearance of things.

What is aesthetic and what is not?

Basically, the aesthetic concept is identified with how the Generation Z (and subsequent ones) are inspired by past eras to express their tastes in fashion, art, decoration and everything that has to do with aesthetics. So it’s more about A lifestylein which the way of dressing, hairstyles, makeup, decoration and even the design of the appearance on social networks are integrated.

On the contrary, everything that smells of classic, conservative or 100% new. Neither do those styles composed of looks like mass produced: shapeless jeans, long hair (aesthetic women prefer medium length hair) and flat, which fall straight behind the back. In short, that which follows pre-established rules or canons, which does not differ.

Old Money Style
aesthetic trend


How is the aesthetic clothing?

As you will have seen, the concept is so broad that the trick lies in finding your own aesthetic style. Although, in general terms, the garments and trends that venerate the retro style of the 80s, 90s and 2000s They fit perfectly into this current. Thus, the garments Y2K style are included yes or yes in this category of aesthetic fashion, with essential garments such as bandeau topcargo pants, parachute, as well as flared. Also included are oversized garmentsinformalsuch as sweatshirts and t-shirts, as well as checked shirts and overshirts.

Also included are garments such as cropped puffer coatsthe cycling pants, the plaid skirts, military bootsthe baguette bags and, like fashionable slippers, the Nike Air Force.



types of aesthetics

The aesthetic trend is evolving at the rate that all things on social networks do, so it is impossible to define with certainty all the possible styles. Although, without a doubt, these are some of the best known.

  • cottagecore: focuses on a rural, bucolic and nostalgic aesthetic, with elements of nature, which are inspired by simplicity and tranquility.
  • nightLuxury: refers to a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic, with a focus on glamor and evening elegance.
  • flirt: It is identified with a feminine and flirtatious aesthetic, with elements of vintage fashion, pastel colors and elegant style clothing.
  • gorpcore: corresponds to a practical and functional aesthetic, with comfortable and sporty garments, sometimes belonging to the field of practicing outdoor activities.
  • Kawaii: It is a naif aesthetic, which revolves around cute and tender details from Japanese pop culture and its animated characters.
  • vaporwave: Revolves around a retro-futuristic aesthetic, with elements of 1980s and 1990s pop culture, technology, and electronic music.
  • Indie: is a version that focuses on an independent and alternative aesthetic, with elements of music, fashion and underground art.
  • Clean Girl: This is a clean, minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on simplicity and functionality, and a very harmonious neutral color palette.
  • Weird Girl: It is an eccentric and unconventional aesthetic, with elements of underground culture, alternative fashion and music. It is characterized by impossible mixtures.
  • space: It is a futuristic aesthetic with elements of space, science fiction and technology.
  • minimum: revolves around a minimalist and simplistic aesthetic, with elements of architecture, design and art, and a greatly reduced palette of colors and shapes.


If you are not very clear what is your dress style We recommend that you take this simple fashion test to find out. Maybe the cayetana style, the boho style or even the Old Money style goes more with you.

aesthetic decoration

The decoration sector has also succumbed to this aesthetic fashion, giving rise to a concept that blends vintage with modern, with very different interpretations, depending on the aesthetic style in question. Many of the proposals that we see in networks are carried out by pieces inspired by the 80s and 90ssuch as neon lights, smileys, murals based on photos and posters, to which are added other elements such as ivy garlands and hanging plants, luminous garlands, LED strips, and pink and purple as favorite colors.

In addition, we also detected another current of minimalist chic stylein which white, creamy and pastel pink tones play the leading role, especially in pieces with soft, sinuous lines.

Also fitting into this trend is the vintage eclectic style, which is characterized by combining elements from different periods and styles to create a unique and personalized environment. Thus, it is a style that seeks to mix old pieces with more modern elements, creating a feeling of harmony and balance.

aesthetic girls

Looks aesthetic hailey bieber


  • hailey bieber: It has an aesthetic style that we could describe as minimalist, sophisticated and elegant. He usually wears simple, but quality garments, with neutral tones such as white, black and beige. She is also known for her natural and simple beauty look, with a predilection for the 90s aesthetic.
  • Bella Hadid: characterized by an eclectic style that could be described as edgy and avant-garde, with influences from punk and even grunge. She usually combines leather garments with other sneakers, tight clothing and lace-up boots, and she is not afraid to mix different styles to create a very personal look. Some categorize her as an aesthetic weird girl.
  • billie eilish: The American singer is also famous for her oversized and colorful clothing style as well as for her alternative music style.
looks aesthetic Emma Chamberlain1


  • EmmaChamberlain: The American youtuber is characterized by her casual and relaxed clothing style, in line with her fun and authentic content.
  • duaLipa: The British pop singer is known for her glamorous style of clothing, in line with her dance music.
  • King’s wool: The American singer usually dresses in a vintage and retro style of clothing, in keeping with her melancholic and romantic music.
rosalia aesthetic looks


  • rosalia: His is a style that combines elements of Spanish culture, pop and kawaii, with futuristic garments and Y2K aesthetics. He usually wears tight and bright garments, with intense colors like red and black, and he is not afraid of contrasting textures and prints to create a risky and original look.
  • Zoë Kravitz: The American actress champions an elegant and sophisticated style of clothing, although in which there is room for protest elements related to issues of equality and diversity.
  • Willow Smith: The American singer and actress is known for her androgynous clothing style, as well as for her alternative and experimental music.

aesthetic looks

aesthetic looks


Looks aesthetic: weird girl

Bella Hadid She is a specialist in the Weird Girl aesthetic trend. She shamelessly combines styles, textures and garments, achieving unique and extravagant looks, but that work.

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Garments that you buy now and will use in your spring guest looks

There is little more than a month and a half left for spring to begin. Little by little the days are getting longer, the good weather blooms, the terraces fill up in the sun… Little by little the events of spring begin to approach, and weddings stand out among those meetings. We put aside winter guest outfits, like this one that inspired us by Tamara Falcó Daytime weddings and afternoon weddings that make us take out our best outfits to try to be the most elegant guest. We love to talk about weddings.


Tamara Falcó’s velvet jacket and pants guest suit to succeed: she looks great, is comfortable and perfect for slimming legs

When spring comes the most vivid colors also flourish: electric blue, violet, powdery yellow, pink… And also the prints with the most vibrant tones. We also take satin fabrics out of the closet and from the shop window.

We have made a selection of garments: skirts and dresses from French firms and brands made in Spain to be the most elegant guest. Garments that only need a few good accessories -hats, headdresses, bags, earrings, bracelets…- to complete the look. And a good rule is important to be the ideal guest: let’s bet on ‘less is more’, let’s always leave the leading role to the bride.

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Ana Mena and her brilliant outfit from a firm ‘made in Spain’

We have great stars from the song world in our country. And we love them on and off stage, but on stage they do it more because of the evolution their outfits have undergone in recent years. Many of these singers are already true style icons. It is not necessary to look outside our borders, our artists inspire a lot. The last to do so was Ana Mena-magazine cover-, that has taken the stage of the Benidorm Fest with an exclusive outfit made by a firm made in Spain.


This is how the cover of Ana Mena was made for InStyle January-February

We don’t know if the fact of being in Italy for so long has made her get closer to fashion, but yesterday she was one of the great winners in terms of style. All thanks to this brilliant set with which she literally shone, thanks to her clothing.

Ana Mena


This set, designed exclusively for her, is made by the Spanish firm Koahari. A firm that is a guest and that is committed to ‘accessible luxury’, perfect if you want to shine like Ana Mena at one of your events. The singer wears a top and a short skirt made of white silk mikado. How they explain to us from the firm, It also has a mesh of colored Swarovski crystals. This makes Ana shine in every corner of the stage, since all the lights are reflected in it. If we take a look at their looks, Ana loves to shine and often uses this type of fabric in her outfits.

Ana Mena


In addition to the top and skirt, Ana Mena wore mittens with the same Swarovski mesh, so that brilliant effect was also palpable in his arms. The mittens, without a doubt, are one of the accessories that we are seeing the most this season. Not only to keep us warm, but also as an element to add a twist to someone look. To finish off the styling? Shiny heeled boots. One of the artists who was best dressed at the Benidorm Fest.

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