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This serum protects your skin from pollution and leaves it hydrated and soft.

The serum has become a A must in my skin care routine since a few years. Once you discover that the serum, a cosmetic of light texture Y high concentration of assets, acts directly on your specific skin problem, you make room for it on the dresser without consideration. It is true that there are thousands of types, but when you find one that adapts and solves your need, I assure you that you will be hooked. That’s what happened to me with Endocare Hyaluboost Age Barrier Serum, whose main mission is to activate the barrier function.

Cantabria Labs

Anti-aging serum, barrier function repairer, which improves skin hydration and resistance. RRP. (€62.11)

Loreal filler serum.


With this serum with pure hyaluronic acid you can fill wrinkles and smooth the skin in 6 weeks

The importance of the barrier function of the skin

Surely you have had days in which your skin itches, itches or reddens for no reason and no matter how much you apply cream, the problem is still there. This lack of comfort has a reason: a impaired barrier function. The epidermis It is the outermost layer of the skin and its activity is essential to keep the skin hydrated and healthy and constitutes a barrier against external aggressions (pollution, pathogens, UV rays, etc). If this layer is altered, the aforementioned symptoms appear (itching, tightness, inflammation…)

For this reason, it is important to use a cosmetic that tackles this problem and keeps our epidermis protected from all these external agents, while performing other specific functions. Endocare Hyaluboost Age Barrier serum, from Cantabria Labs, In addition to protecting this barrier, improves skin hydration and resistance thanks to its combination of ingredients.

Why do I wake up with glow on my face?

Although, depending on the brand, it is interesting to apply it In the morning and evening, I use it only at night and instantly my skin is much softer, since it is absorbed immediately. While I sleep, its ingredients do their job. Contains a 4% Niacinamide, that contributes to the activation and recovery of the skin’s barrier function, reducing transepidermal water loss and, consequently, maintaining optimum hydration levels. But, in addition, this active ingredient favors the formation of filaggrin, involucrin, ceramides and natural fatty acids, which stimulate the synthesis of structural proteins.

On the other hand, it has high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which with its ability to retain water, contributes to skin hydration. Hence, that juicy skin effect with which I wake up every morning and the feeling of comfort.

Don’t go overboard with moisturizer but stay hydrated

It may seem to you that a skin glow it is achieved by hydration, throwing more and more cream on the face, but nothing is further from reality. Even though you notice your skin is very dry, pay attention to the amount of hydration you apply to it with your cosmetics. As explained by María Vitale, dermatologist and head of the Dermatology area at Cantabria Labs, Excess moisturizing creams can alter the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. “Excessively hydrated skin can mean that everything we put on afterwards increases its penetration. If I apply irritating agents, for example topical retinoids, the penetration of these products will be greater if that skin is overhydrated,” he adds.

To preserve the barrier function we have to activate it and provide moisturizing to the skin, either through hyaluronic acid, ceramides and even petroleum jelly, to prevent transepidermal water loss. Thus, an active skin barrier function prevents the penetration of harmful substances and excessive transepidermal loss of water. In other words, “to preserve an active skin barrier function, we must hydrate the skin, but also activate the proteins that are defending that barrier. In addition, we must facilitate communication between these two fundamental layers that are the epidermis -the outermost- and the dermis , which maintains skin firmness and stability”, points out the Cantabria Labs dermatologist.


10 beautiful, stylish and highly rejuvenating long bangs haircuts

If you have decided to wear bangs, you will be happy to know that you are going to bet on one of the most infallible hairdressing resources. Timeless, flattering and refreshing, haircuts with bangs are ideal for an effective change of look and a style full of personality. Among them, haircuts with long bangs They are an infallible classic, whether they are long, midi or short.

Do you want to know what options you have? Take note!

The 8 types of bangs and how to wear them according to the shape of your face and hair type

What people do bangs look good on?

If we talk about face shape, bangs are ideal for people who have the very wide forehead or for the elongated faces. On the other hand, they are also recommended after a certain age to hide wrinkles on the face, since bangs work as a kind of natural botox, covering what does not interest us.

In addition, the bangs, especially the length, whether full, lopsided or even curtain-type, are ideal for updating any haircut, since they frames the look and enhances its freshness. This is what happens with these trendy short hair styles with bangs, for example.

The bangs favor everyone but depending on the shape of your face, one or the other will suit you better. Find out in this video!

Types of bangs video

How do I know what type of bangs suits me?

You just have to look at the shape of your face to discover what type of bangs favors your features the most. For example, if you have a face round A curtain fringe or a long one that falls on the cheeks and stylizes the facial oval will suit you. to one square it suits him a paraded bangs that soften the features; to one elongated or rectangulara lopsided bang or one that is straight and thick up to the eyebrows, while a face hexagonal an open bangs suits you better.

How is a long bangs?

Long bangs are considered to be those that are cut with a length from the nose. It’s a bangs style low maintenance since even if it grows several centimeters it does not change the structure of the cut, so it is an advantage and allows you to space out visits to the hairdresser more than other styles.

Medium length haircuts with bangs: lob with curtain bangs

10 beautiful and stylish haircuts with long bangs

Haircuts with long bangs: layered


Haircuts with long bangs: layered

He combo layers + bangs It is infallible when it comes to achieving a rejuvenating finish. Already layered 90s hair that is back in fashion is ideal with a long Birkin style bangs like this. A cut full of movement and freshness!

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Do you love flat sandals? This Merkal model will freak you out

It is clear that in summer you need comfortable shoes to go to the beach or the pool without worrying about getting wet. But the ideal is to also be able to use it in slightly more formal situations, so you don’t have to carry two pairs with you. The flat sandals They are a Merkal model that has a lot to contribute.

We talk about Piccola Piu thin strap shoes It is one of the best options, if what you want is comfort but also elegance.

It is a typical model with triple straps, which will look great both during your vacations and in a meeting with friends. You can enjoy them in various circumstances, and they will adapt very well to any outfit regardless of where the event you attend is held.

The flat sandals that are worn this summer

Two colors that do not fail

Available in sizes from 37 to 41, you will also have to select one of the two shades in which you can buy them. We talk about beige and blackinfallible colors that complement each other perfectly with spring and/or summer looks.

They go perfect with all garments, both jeans, dresses or skirts. In all cases, this product is made using top quality materials such as synthetics and elastomers that promise maximum resistance despite use and the passage of time. With certain basic care, you will make them last and accompany you for years.

Price and shipping and returns policy

The cost of these sandals is only 25.99 eurosso with a minimal investment you will have excellent footwear that will last you several seasons.

Do you love flat sandals?  This Merkal model will freak you out

If you are somewhat anxious, you better hurry to buy them because shipping to stores is free but it usually takes about 7 business days. On the other hand, the delivery to your home supposes an extra payment of 4 euros -free for the Merkal Family program or purchases of 40 euros– but you will receive the item in the following 72 working hours. And you can ask for it to be sent to a Post Office or to a Punto Pack.

For the rest, the return period is 30 days and you can make them through the Post Office warehouses or by courier.

As you can see, there is a variety of information that you can have about these sandals that you can have in two different colors and you will always win. Do not delay in buying them because then the sizes will run out and you will be left without your number.

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they last a long time, they smell great and they will be a trend

He perfume we use it is part of our look and part of what we transmit in that first impression that so many experts affirm is so difficult to change. Some women have a bedside aroma, others move between floral fragrances and fresh perfumes, or simply smell clean. But this spring Summer A surprising trend has arrived that is taking root in Tiktok: the arabic perfumessmells that very few people carry.


Perfumes that look like luxury but are low cost: special, they last a long time and they smell great

These fragrances, which exude personality just like floral fragrances, are revolutionizing the social platform due to the enormous quality they offer and their variety of prices. And it is that the Arab countries have always had a tradition deeply rooted in smells and flavors. The main characteristic of the Arab perfumes is its sensuality, exoticism and deep aroma. Due to their tradition, Arab fragrances tend to be more intense and stronger. And another factor also influences, the heat, which makes the aromas dilute more easily.

Arab perfumes are configured based on spices, resins, exotic woodsherbs or even essential oils of animal origin such as ambergris or musk are some of the raw materials that Arab perfumery has traditionally used to create fragrances with mysterious aromas.

On the other hand, they do not forget ingredients that are well known in the western hemisphere: flowers and plants such as roses, jasmine or orange blossom. This gives rise to unique and very attractive combinations.

New York str F23 0170

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cheap perfume


Zara, Mango and Massimo Dutti perfumes that look like luxury (ordered from cheapest to most expensive)

What aromas can we find in Arab perfumes?

  • Oud. It is a woody odor from the resin of the agar tree. It is curious that this aroma is born from a process that originates with the infection of the tree. The oldest ones are infected with a fungus that develops an oleoresin. As the infection grows, a resin is generated that is distilled to obtain this oud oil.
  • damask rose. It is a flower that is born in Persia and moves to Syria. It is very peculiar because it only blooms one month a year and the flowers are collected by hand one by one. In addition, the harvest is done in a very specific period, because as the temperature increases the petals lose essential oils.
  • Saffron. One of the most expensive spices that gastronomy shares with perfumery. The flower has three stigmas that go through a drying process before their aromas are extracted. It is cultivated in Iran, Spain, India, Greece, Azerbaijan, Morocco and Italy.
  • Sandalwood. It is the wood of the santalum tree. The one that is cultivated in the south of India is the one that is considered to be of the highest quality. It has existed for more than 4,000 years, but its use in perfumery only dates back to the last century.

Arab perfumes that succeed on TikTok

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