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This is the original and simple Sara Carbonero costume that you can do at home

Carnival is coming soon and for this reason you should start thinking about what costume you will wear and how to do your makeup from home. We have the Sara Carbonero costume that he wore in his day and that you can do too.

The famous Catrina costume, which is worn in Mexico for the day of the dead, and many others adopt it at carnival.

The Sara Carbonero costume that you can wear

The highlight of this costume that the presenter once wore is the makeup. Well, without a good base, it is somewhat difficult for us to have a good result and for everyone to see that we are really going with this typical and surprising makeup.

The base is in white color that you should highlight (the goal is to look like a dead man that is worn these days, but with a lot of style).

The eyes must be made up with different colors, always being darker and in black. Then there are the decorations that are made at the top, the black of the nose and the black stripes on the lips that before have also been made up in a light color so that those stripes can be seen well. These elements are mandatory to carry out this very Catrina-style makeup. But then we can make other ornaments of different colors on the face so that a skull is always very different and with a lot of color.

To wear with this makeup there are many clothes. Among the accessories is the flower crown or headband which is another of the characteristic outfits and that should not be missing in this costume. Many wear it with a veil but it really is not necessary.

If we wear a black dress, we will already be stylish enough because the important thing is the strength of the makeup and what we wear is really so important to us.

But if we want everything to be more complete, there is moreMany costumes you can buy to go to Catrinto. There are the Mexican dresses that have a pronounced round neckline with lace trimmings and a medium skirt also with the same lace. Another thing is to wear a bra that you have at home, a skirt in the form of chiffon or tutu (that is dark in color) and you look great. As for the shoes, in this case they are not so important, you have black high-heeled shoes, boots, etc. without a really pronounced color.

In this video you can see how to do Catrina makeup.


Creams with niacinamide that hydrate, erase spots, wrinkles and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin

If we go to our specialized cosmetics store, we are likely to be overwhelmed by the endless supply of facial creams that are currently on the market. However, there are certain components, with interesting properties, that are shared by many of the most successful cosmetic formulas.

Hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C are three almost essential pillars of the most advanced cosmetics. If you are attentive to market news, you will have noticed the presence of a fourth, the niacinamidea term that we do not stop hearing within the industry.

What is niacinamide and what does it contribute to our skin?

The first thing we should know is that niacinamide is nothing more than the vitamin B3an element that is responsible for providing nutrition To the skin. We can find it naturally in foods such as mushrooms, almonds, or kale, but it can also be applied topically to benefit from its multiple properties.


The beauty industry has discovered a great ally with this vitamin, since it is capable of fighting on several fronts at the same time. One of the best-known properties of this nutrient is its ability to strengthen the hydration barrier of the skin, this means that our dermis works better to retain water, which will make it look more hydrated and rejuvenated.

Balmain bks F23 005


From Korea come the creams that rejuvenate and leave a good face instantly from the age of 50

And in the fight against the signs of aging, it also has another important function, as it is very effective when it comes to fighting the stains Dark spots and hyperpigmentation that usually appear over the years.

It offers a more unified face in terms of color and prevents new pigmentation from appearing. Of course, it is also a great option when it comes to fighting against the first signs of aging, wrinkles and expression lines that appear around the eyes.

Niacinamide and its action for healthy and beautiful skin

Another of its great benefits is the improvement of the texture of the skin, smoothes the appearance of pores and makes them soft. This is important, for example, when applying a makeup base, as the result will be much more polished and we will prevent pores and those unsightly flakes from being marked. And in addition, it is also a great asset to regulate acne and oily skin since it controls sebum production.

Calvin Luo bks F23 006


How does niacinamide work on the skin?

This nutrient works by favoring the regeneration of cells on the skin’s surface, for this reason, the effect is almost immediate and after a cabin treatment with this element or the application of a facial cream, you can notice the luminous skin and repulsed.

On the other hand, its ability to retain hydration provides an ideal ecosystem for cell renewal to occur properly.

Dundas bks F23 002


Its high tolerance, another reason to incorporate it into your routine

Unlike other elements such as retinol, the niacinamide it is harmless and there are no known adverse reactions that it can cause on the skin, such as redness and irritation. It is recommended for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, since it can also reduce the skin reactions that this type of dermis usually has and calms it down.

The best creams with niacinamide on the market

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These Converse are the must for this spring: they stylize your legs

The Converse are the must for this spring, they will stylize your legs and show you the definitive footwear for this time of year. The Converse brand has become a cult for lovers of retro sneakers that combine with everything. They have made a place for themselves among the most desired at all times of the year, but especially in spring. This is the model that will become a must these days when you will be able to stylize your legs by investing in the quality and style of Converse.

Converse has the footwear that will become a must this spring

This spring you should go for some Converse that have become the best option for lovers of comfort and style. We are facing a type of footwear that has been a trend for decades. Inspired by the shoes that were used on basketball courts. It is one of the best options for a spring that will be moved.

we can get a styling of 10 with some Converse a little different from the conventional ones. Far from the most typical black or white, these are colored. A soft tone that will also combine with everything and will become a great option to dress in luxury for years and years.

It is boot type with which the we can also wear in winter with socks or stockings. It is a good alternative to conventional ankle boots that do not have that sporty style that combines with everything and we want so much. Converse takes special care of the materials with which its accessories are made.

They are canvas shoes that are easy to wash. We can enjoy this type of footwear in perfect condition whenever we want. A good option for day to day that has come to stay in our closet. It is time to prepare the new pieces that will be with us this spring.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platform Hearts with hearts instead of the classic logo of the brand that will give it a very spring style. Pink is the color par excellence these days. A tribute to joy and the desire to travel the world that comes from the hand of a complement that will be ready to succeed.

The price of these slippers is 95 eurosan amount of money that will become an investment for this season and those to come.

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Zara sweeps sales with the flowery dress that suits everyone

He Flower dress that suits everyone Zara has it, a garment of those that cannot be missing in our closet. The flowers arrive with force in the new collection of our favorite low cost. Zara is preparing for one of those springs in which we need to get hold of all kinds of clothes and accessories to succeed. Starting with an incredible dress that combines with everything and we can have it ready for endless possibilities from going to the office to arriving at a wedding.

The Zara flower dress that sweeps sales looks good on everyone

Zara has the flowery dress that sweep sales and feel good. A plus that we cannot miss in a season that is preparing to be especially busy. It’s time to be ready to embark on the good weather, in a few weeks spring will arrive and with it the desire to go out and wear the most colorful clothes.

The satin touch is most elegant. We will get a dress for day and night with a print that will stand out. Not only the flowers are pretty in this garment. So are the details that make the difference in one of the Zara dresses that is already sweeping sales this season.

It is a dress with a high neck and cuffed sleeves.. These details allow you to enjoy a dress of those that take maximum care of each element. We will be able to discover in essence the maximum elegance with the fashionable print and a range of colors worthy of Queen Letizia at an extremely low price.

The pink tones are the ones that will give this dress the finish you are looking for in every way. An option that will become the most combinable. Either with a range of black, gold or silver. With a blazer and sneakers you can go to work, with high heels and glitter to a wedding and with a black biker go out to a party. The possibilities of this dress are enormous.

You can get a type of garment that is made to stand out in every way. A dress with which you will look perfect for less than 30 euros is breaking sales records at Zara. The star garment of this spring is waiting for us in this season that is beginning.

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