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The pink coat by Primark from the Paula Echevarría collection that has sold out in less than 24 hours

paula echevarria

The long-awaited Primark collection in collaboration with Paula Echevarría has already gone on sale. A proposal full of color and trends that reflects the essence and style of the actress, with elegance and comfort as the flag, to cover all the essentials of the winter season.

This Thursday, October 6, the followers of the influencer and fashion low cost They have been able to approach the stores of the Irish chain to get the most desired garments from the collection, which includes everything from coats, jackets, knitwear and sports outfits, to two-piece suits. But if there is a garment that from the beginning was destined to be the star of the collection, that is the fuchsia coat.

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All the leather jackets that promise to be best sellers this fall: biker, suede, with shearling,…

With him, the actress announced on September 22 on social networks her collaboration with the multinational, and her more than three and a half million followers were fascinated by the styling she published as a preview to spread the news: a look starring a striking fuchsia-colored coat, with a classic silhouette and wide lapels, which he combined with a matching top and bag and jeans. A piece with a price of 40 euros that was already stuck in the retina of millions of people before it went on sale, and that, as expected, has swept the first day of the collection’s launch.



10 modern and elegant looks with fashionable clothes

como vestir bien en 2023 99f8799f 1200x630 jpg

A new year begins and one of your resolutions may be to dress better, but without complicating your life. We tend to think that elegance is innate, and although it is surely so, we assure you that it is possible to learn to dress well, and it is easier than you think. We reveal the keys to dress well in 2023, with stylist tricks that will help you always look elegant and current, following this year’s trends and betting on practical looks at the same time. Take note!

Zara is already on sale and these are the 30 garments that are worth buying

How to dress well in 2023

  • Combine elegant clothes with sports shoes. They are very comfortable and will give that modern touch to any look. The mix of pants with tweezers and sneakers will be the favorite bet of the experts.
  • Use color in your looks, beyond neutral tones. Black, white and gray never fail, but colorful clothes will brighten up your outfits.
  • The mix of jacket and jeans will always save you. It does not fail and is a sure hit for any occasion and time of day.
  • Bet on wearing midi dresses with flat ankle boots for day to day. An infallible, flattering and versatile combo.
  • Complete your looks with a trendy bag. It will elevate your outfits to the maximum.
  • Mix daring pieces with other classics. For example: faux leather pants with a tweed jacket.
  • Add stilettos to your casual outfits. It will turn them into much more elegant looks.
How to wear ankle boots with jeans: 10 elegant and modern looks that are easy to copy

In the gallery we show you 10 looks that will inspire you and are a clear example of how to put these fashion tricks into practice. Scroll down to discover them!

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the strapless neckline will be the most worn because it is the most elegant

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The Golden GlobesThey have returned, and they have done it in style. With the glamor by flag and the sophisticationthe elegance and the label as main statutes that have followed a strict and coherent protocol. However, and despite the fact that this red carpet, no one has “skipped the rules”, it has allowed us to see some of the trends that will mark 2023, such as the strapless necklines.

The best looks in the history of the Golden Globes


The best looks in the history of the Golden Globes

Just as it has become clear to us that the pink returns in all its tonalities (and that the black it is still the most elegant color that never fails), many of the renowned guests came under the spotlight with the most romantic, flattering and feminine neckline: the strapless neckline.



Since Ana de Armas and her precious Louis Vuitton dress, even Selena Gomez and his Valentino puffed sleeves, Elizabeth Debiki and its essence Barbiecore, Jessica Chastain, Michelle Jeo, Lily James or Anya Taylor-Joy, among other. The best thing about this predilection for this type of neckline is that it has helped us understand why it has been the favourite: the ways to wear it are endless.

Who favors the strapless neckline

If you were asking yourself this question, there is one thing you should know: it is the most popular neckline, but it does not suit everyone. You must take into account two factors.

  • the size of your chest. The strapless neckline favors those intermediate breasts, since if you have a small chest you will feel that you are wearing a bandage, which will further reduce its size. On the contrary, if you have a large chest, it is not the most comfortable neckline to wear, since in addition to being annoying, you will have to pay special attention and raise it frequently.
  • according to your shoulders and arms. If you do not like your arms, it is not the most recommended either. The strapless neckline focuses attention on them and on the shoulders.

Therefore, we could say that the strapless neckline suits those tall women, with curves and/or medium chest. Although if you do not meet the requirements, there is nothing to worry about. There are tricks so that you look favored and so that you can wear this neckline with a lot of style.



Tricks for wearing a strapless neckline

  • If you’re shortis perfect for you, since it allows you to show skin and lengthens the figure. Avoid those garments of midi cut and opt for pointed-toe shoes.
  • if you have the Short neck, this neckline will help you look more enhanced. All you have to do is pick your hair up to clear the shoulder area.
  • If you have many curves (and you don’t feel comfortable in them), opt for those lighter basics that give you length and that hide a bit without bulking up your silhouette.

How we will wear the sweetheart neckline in 2023


In guest dresses

It will continue to be one of the favorite options. And it never fails, so you only have to choose a very precious and different model like the dress Ava de Kohari, €320.


With the essence of the 2000

This neckline was one of the most popular at the end of the 90s and at the beginning of the 2000s. This new year we have also inherited its most minimalist essence with proposals like this Zara simple dress, €15.99.


with puffed sleeves

In the true style of Selena Gomez. Perfect for the most romantic girls, this type of neckline with sleeves combines with everything, from skirts that pursue the same effect to suit pants or jeans. Bershka top, €12.99.


as a top

Perfect to wear alone or over shirts, jumpers and all kinds of basics that give it a different, more modern result with a completely casual air. Oysho top, €25.99.


The office corset

This neckline also sneaks into the straightest and most formal office looks to give it its touch. Perfect to wear alone or over oversized shirts, you will get a very fashionable look that you can combine with other tailoring garments. Pull&Bear, €12.99.

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Five Kate Winslet looks that have conquered on and off the screen

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If you haven’t found out why Kate Winslet has broken our hearts today, it’s that you must live in a bubble because the entire internet has exploded with her viral video in which she is interviewed by a young reporter who was facing this situation for the first time. its touching speech It has led us to think of all the times it has conquered us on the big screen. Because of her talent as her actress and because of her naturalness that she leads her to wear her movie costumes as if she were a insider of street style who travels from one era to another in imaginary universes within the fiction of cinema.

10 outfits to wear your Uggs and not look like a gnome: how to lengthen your figure with Paula Echevarría's favorite shoe


10 outfits to wear your Uggs and not look like a gnome: how to lengthen your figure with Paula Echevarría’s favorite shoe

With the amount of talent that exists in Hollywood today, some names resonate at a much higher frequency. Kate Winslet rose to fame after playing a rebellious Rose in Titanic more than 25 years ago and she hasn’t stopped conquering ever since. To date, she has been able to stay in the limelight as one of the most recognizable faces in the industry because she is not afraid of challenges, which she adapts to in a completely chameleon-like way to win the hearts of an audience. massive than Today he melted with the viral video of the interview.

Without needing to be an unattainable star, although her record would endorse her, Winslet does not stop growing or working and proof of this is her recent participation in the latest Avatar movie.

The looks of Wednesday Addams that we can copy at very cheap low cost for a dark outfit


The looks of Wednesday Addams that we can copy at very cheap low cost for a dark outfit

From this latest premiere of the actress we cannot get much inspiration for our daily looks, nor from some of her most iconic films unless you are in love with vintage aesthetics, but that does not mean we fall less in love when we see them. And before it is too late and the list of film titles grows to unattainable limits, we are going to highlight their five top-most outfits and the movies she wore them in.

Five Kate Winslet looks that conquer

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