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The Massimo Dutti jacket that will not be missing in the outfits of fashion lovers

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Massimo Dutti has the jacket that can not be missing in the outfits of fashion lovers, a jewel in every way. A good jacket is the centerpiece of any autumnal look, in this case a mid-season garment with which to show off in every way. For the office, a special night or an event in which we want to stand out, this demi-season jacket is what we are looking for. A good option to invest the clothing budget in the best possible way.

Massimo Dutti has the jacket that will not be missing in the outfits of fashion lovers

The Massimo Dutti jacket that will not be missing in the outfits of fashion lovers

a good american it is the perfect wardrobe background For these times, we need to show off a fireproof basic destined to give us the best. Only Massimo Dutti has been able to create the jacket that, even if a hundred years have passed, will continue to be spectacular in every way.

She is a black American I would fall in love with Coco Chanel herself. The fashion designer could not resist a garment of her fetish color, the one that she popularized as synonymous with elegance. There are few clothes that are more beautiful and flattering than a jacket that will take a few kilos off us, visually.

Not only black slims, the shape of this jacket ensures us to stylize to the maximum our figure. We will lose a few kilos almost automatically with the help of a type of garment with which we will stand out. A basic that will make us shine on any occasion with a detail that makes it shine.

The jewel button in the center is the only piece that breaks with the most elegant black. With which, we can wear a type of garment with which to show a luxurious and glamorous style with a detail that will make it not just another jacket, but the definitive jacket for special occasions and the busiest days of this season. .

You can combine this jacket with any type of garment. Whether with jeans, the suit or one of those dresses with which to show off, we cannot fail. Get the jacket that all fashion experts ask about. The viral and luxury between-season jacket that you won’t be able to miss. It is sold at Massimo Dutti for only 199 euros and is a sure bet for success.


The Zara print dress that is running out for less than 20 euros

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The Zara January sales 2023 They are some of the best we have seen in a long time, with discounts up to more than 50%. One of the garments that is being a real success in the online store of the flagship of Inditex is this short dress with flower print and ruffle detail. It’s fantastic for good weather, very comfortable, elegant and stylish.

The dress that triumphs in the Zara sales

A short floral dress It is a basic that cannot be missing from your wardrobe in the spring and summer months, and now you have the opportunity to get this one for 19.99 euros, with a 44% discount. With a V-neckline, which visually slims and elongates the silhouette, it has a wide elastic waistband type smock and inner lining. It has a front closure with matching lined buttons.

The floral print in pink tones It’s beautiful and, furthermore, very successful, considering that pink is one of the trend colors for 2023. Stylists love monocolor looks, so you can be inspired by them and combine the dress with sandals in the hue that suits you best. like mauve, coral or fuchsia, for example.

Zara dress

A dress that you will surely get a lot out of when the good weather arrives, because it is perfect both for day to day with flat sandals and for a special occasion with heeled sandals. This year bright colors are onso if you feel like taking risks and giving your outfit a twist, you can give the look a touch of style with orange or green sandals.

With all this in mind, it is not surprising that this dress is taking the Zara sales by storm. It looks great on women of all sizes. And with all body types. Being short and having ruffle detail, it makes the legs look longer. You can enhance this effect with heeled sandals.

If you want to get the flower print dress, It is available in the Zara online store with a 44% discount, for 19.99 euros instead of 35.95 euros, from size XS to XL. There are some sizes that are already sold out and have a waiting list! Without a doubt, it is one of the best purchases you can make this season. You will love it for how good it feels and how stylish it is.

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Sara Carbonero debuts the hair color that we will all want to wear this year, the sandy blonde that softens the features

sara carbonero pelo rubio arena b2513d04 1200x630 jpg

Sara Carbonero has changed the caramel chestnut, to which we were accustomed, for a color of sandy blonde hair with cool undertones. And, my friend, that only means one thing: that this is the tone that will triumph in hairdressers during 2023. We discover all the details behind it. hair color that we want to copy to Sarah Carbonero (just like we wanted to get her bangs haircut and freckle makeup a few days ago).

We still do not have an official photo of her Instagram profile, but the presenter and journalist has shared a photo on her stories where she has been seen with her long hair and streaks that transformed her chestnut hue into a color with much colder nuances, a sandy blonde with sparkles beige which is perfect for the winter season. This hair color is ideal for brown-haired girls who are thinking of lighten hair several shadesbut you don’t want to give up your foundation tone or have to resort to a dye.

Sand blonde color Sara Carbonero

What is the sandy blonde color like?

Its name says it all, imagine a kilometer long beach and its sand, what color do you see? You could point to a palette of shades from gold to beige and you will be right in all cases, because the sandy blonde hair color It has many nuances, yes, whatever the tone you choose, it will always stand out for its luminosity, ideal to match wavy hair and long hair, just like Sara Carbonero’s.

Who does sandy blonde favor?

The sandy blonde is the hair color perfect for brown-haired girls who want to lighten their hair without giving up their natural tone, as well as an ideal alternative to bring light and warmth to the face. That being said, the blonde sand also favors very much to women with natural blond hair and fair complexion because it can give a point of vitality to the face. And it is perfect to combine with light eyes, like those of the journalist.

How to get a sandy blonde tone?

To achieve a sandy blonde hair color, like Sara Carbonero’s, the most common techniques are highlights balayage or the Colourmelting. The first ones will be perfect if your base is blonde and you are looking for a natural effect with lighter tones at the ends, as if you came from a vacation and the sun has bleached your hair, leaving that effect. sunkissed. The second technique is somewhat more complex since it combines different shades of dye in the highlights to adapt to the specific tone of each hair, which is why it is recommended more for brown and darker hair. Don’t know which one suits you best? Ask your hairdresser and leave doubts.

How to maintain sandy blonde hair color?

If you decide on some highlights balayage in a sandy blonde tone to lighten your brown hair, we have good news for you because this change is low-maintenance, that is, it does not require going to the hairdresser every month since it is the sandy blonde will fade with your darkest root shade. Of course, to preserve the color of the sandy blonde highlights, it is advisable that you use a mattifying blue shampoo so that the sandy blonde does not turn into chicken yellow.

Sara Carbonero has opted for the sandy blonde to kick off 2023 with a luminous, nuanced hair color, perfect for a sophisticated and subtle makeover. Will we see the blonde version of the journalist this year? We only have to wait for the official photo to upload with her new look to be able to sign the look change full.

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These Pull&Bear cowboy boots are super original and cheap

pull and bear jpg

Thanks to the sales you can get clothes and accessories at really lower prices. Among the various options, these Pull&Bear cowboy boots they are very original.

You will see them in color, to wear on different occasions, they are on sale and you can get them in one click.

This is what Pull&Bear cowboy boots look like

They are cowboy-style boots of various colors, like blue, which is one of the ones that appear on the web. It has various details such as pieces in the cut in contrasting color and is finished in a point.

For your convenience, this boot has a flexible technical latex-composite foam insole, Airfit, which is designed to offer greater comfort. You can also make your style because the height of the heel is 5 cm.

These Pull&Bear cowboy boots are super original and cheap

Composition and maximum care

In this case, the boot is made of 100% polyurethane, 90% polyester – 10% polyurethane and the sole is 100% thermoplastic rubber.

Among the care, is not to wash, not to use bleach / bleach, not to iron, not to dry clean, not to use a dryer and not to immerse in water.

For more information, from Pull&Bear they establish that patent leather/synthetic/fabric should be cleaned with a damp cloth, while suede/nubuck/split leather should be cleaned with a soft brush or hard sponge. Colorless or skin tone waxes can be applied to leather, while suede/nubuck/split leather can be protected with treatment sprays or dust repellents (water repellent for mops).

These Pull&Bear cowboy boots are super original and cheap

Other loot to buy

Take advantage of the sales because on the web there is a diversity of garments and also accessories. This is the case of the various ankle boots and boots, and even sports shoes. For example, you have the booty with platform of 35.99 euros; the pointy booty that costs 35.99 euros; the sports boot with a price volume of 39.99 euros; leather cowboy boots priced at 79.99 euros; the padded booty for 49.99 euros; or the patent leather ankle boot with a platform for 25.99 euros.

where to get cowboy boots

They are on the Pull&Bear website, which previously had a price of 49.99 euros, and now they cost 35.99 eurosin sizes from 35 to 40. So you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

From the store website you can buy the boots direct and they will be home before you know it. It is the premiere of the season and of this year 2023 that you must have as soon as possible, especially since it is on sale.

So you have different boots, and very original that you will wear daily and especially at parties and events.

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