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Please, Tiktokers leave your Teeth alone

If you have a small artist at home, fond of painting murals on the walls, you will surely know perfectly well a product known as magic eraser.

For all the others: It is a kind of sponge composed of melanin foam (a highly toxic chemical product) capable of removing even the most complicated stain from any surface. Well, you won’t believe it, but there are people on TikTok who think it’s a great idea to try to remove stains from teeth with this product.

This proposal is not only silly, but dentists speak of it as “the latest and most dangerous trend we have seen on Tik Tok” and warn that this practice puts dental health at risk (since these sponges are very abrasive and could erode the enamel, that is, the outer layer of the teeth).

“It’s like passing sandpaper over your teeth, with the negative consequences that this entails,” he explains. Patricia Bratos, orthodontist and co-founder of the Ferrús & Bratos Clinicwhich adds:

By rubbing the neck of the tooth we are also putting the gum at risk. This trauma could trigger lesions in the oral mucosa”.

A new hack from TikTok to whiten teeth

It seemed like that could be the story of dental foolishness and risk on TikTok (let’s not forget the absurd hack that came out a long time ago that encouraged people to even their teeth with a nail file – insert here emoji of a woman covering her face in shame-). But not. These same dentists have told us that one of the tiktokers most fashionable, known for her ASMR videos through the skin carecall Nadina Ioanaproposes to go from the magic eraser and jump into the lemon.

The Romanian-born Madrilenian maintains that rubbing this citrus fruit on the teeth can help whiten them. Her video, in ten days, already exceeds 2.5 million views. Little angels.

@nadina_ioanaTeeth whitening hack 🙂🦷 ##lemonchallenge##teethwhitening##asmrbeauty##asmrbelleza##blanqueamientodental##limon##limonchallenge##nadinaioana♬ original sound – Nadina Ioana

As you can imagine, running a lemon through your teeth is outrageous. The Dr. Jorge Ferrús, periodontist, implantologist and co-founder of Ferrus & Bratos share with Guapísimas your opinion:

“Citrus and acidic foods such as lemon can cause a problem of dental erosion, a type of wear caused by the action of acids that are not naturally present in the mouth. Little by little, the thickness of the enamel -the outer layer whose function is to protect the tooth from external aggression- is reduced.

The doctor goes into detail: Irreversible wear of the enamel can lead to serious problems such as tooth decay, sensitivity and loss of tooth structure. Lemon not only does not whiten, but also damages the enamel and gums due to its abrasive effect.