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Natura has the simplest solution to eliminate the bad smell of the shoes and that you do not expect

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The sweat produced by the feet and the fact that the shoes are closed spaces, are two factors that, combined, become the perfect breeding ground for the generation of bacteria that produce bad odors. However, just as there are tricks to remove sweat marks from sandals, there are things we can do so that if our shoes cannot smell like roses, there is little missing.

For these reasons you should not throw away the silica gel bags that come in shoe boxes

If you are having trouble removing bad smell from your shoes, an inconvenience that no one likes to have, there is easy, useful and practical tips which you can follow as you start by removing it directly from the skin. This is what is called nipping the problem in the bud.

However, if before going to the origin you need to save the shoes that are already stinking, you can try homemade tricks such as inserting diary paper with the aim of absorbing your sweat after using the shoe.


You can also try a similar operation but with cotton to which you have added a few drops of lemon oil, other citrus or essential oils. However, if you are looking for a more professional and aesthetic solution, you can try Natura’s cedar-scented bags.

sold in packs of four for a price of 9.90 eurosThey measure 11x8x2.5 cm and are made of 70% cedar and 30% cotton. With them, the only thing you have to do, apart from washing your feet, is to leave the bags inside the shoe while you are not using them.

cedar sacks

The absorption power of natural cedar wood has a deodorizing effect on footwear, which eliminates sweat or rainwater that may have entered the shoes, keeping it always fresh. In fact, the lasts of this material have been used for decades to care for leather shoes that need special care to look impeccable for many years.

Set of 4 shoe bags

Set of 4 shoe bags

Photos | Unsplash and Nature

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This Decathlon dog locator is ideal to always have our furry located and in shape

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We love finding products that make life easier for our pets, especially if they are designed for their safety. It is the case of this dog locator so we never get lostwhich also allows us to control the sleep and physical activity of our dog.

They have it in Decathlon and it is a small GPS with which we will always have our dog under control, especially if we walk it without a leash and we like plans in the middle of nature, where it could get lost and lose sight of us.

Lidl has the perfect solution so that our dog does not dirty the house on rainy days (and it costs less than 9 euros)

Decathlon dog tracker

It is a GPS locator for dogs with which we can control the activity and sleep of our pet. Once installed on your dog’s collar, you download the free Tractive GPS application and after contracting a subscription plan (they have them from 4 euros per month, with integrated SIM card and coverage in Europe and the rest of the world), you will be able to Know where your dog is at all times.

Tracker For Dogs With Activity Tracking Tractive Gps Dog 4 White

With the LIVE mode, which updates the location every 2-3 seconds, you will be able to find your dog with the mobile and no matter how far it goes. The GPS includes a flexible rubber clip that is compatible with most collars and harnesses, so you can install it on the collar you already have and has an activity tracking mode with which to check how much time you spend sleeping or moving around, as a smart watch.

The locator is waterproof and its battery lasts up to 7 days (you only need two hours to fully charge it) and it is ideal for dogs weighing more than 4 kilos, especially if we like to go to the countryside and walk him without a leash. It has a price of €49.99 in Decathlon and will allow us to always have our dog completely located from the mobile.

Tracker for dogs with Activity Tracking Tractive GPS DOG 4 White.  Keep an eye on your dog in real time 24 hours a day and keep it fit with this GPS dog collar.

Tracker for dogs with Activity Tracking Tractive GPS DOG 4 White. Keep an eye on your dog in real time 24 hours a day and keep it fit with this GPS dog collar.

The ideal solution so that our dog does not get lost and with which we will also make sure that it exercises.

Note: some of the links in this article are affiliated and may bring benefit to Trendencias.

Photo | Picture of Alvan Neee in UnsplashDecathlon

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The Zara Home sales leave us these duvet covers capable of transforming our room and very low

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We don’t know what five-star hotels have, but once you get into one of their beds, you never want to get out. Wanting to sleep in luxury can be the dream of every human being, however, Zara Home will help us turn our room into an elegant room in just one step: changing the duvet cover. Taking advantage of the fact that the 2023 winter sales are a reality, these models are perfect for accompany us in our best (and sweet dreams.

Five decoration tricks that we have learned from Zara Home

White duvet covers that show that less is more

The key to success lies in the small details and it seems that the Spanish firm is well aware of this. Knowing that the color white is simple and can get boring, Zara Home offers us duvet covers in this color with small details that completely transform the room. We have an example with this cotton and linen design with a floral embroidery appliqué.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 01

In 200-thread-count percale cotton, the matching pompoms on the edge make this duvet cover one of the most beautiful and elegant in the selection. Nothing else is needed to dress our room.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 02

Although if we prefer, we can always opt for versions made in white linen. This option is accompanied by matching embroidered details and comes in various sizes.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 03

Continuing with the same pattern of white as the only guest in our best dreams, this 200-thread-count percale cotton duvet cover with a contrasting linen border detail is one of the winning options.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 04

Add joy to your room with these flowery covers

We don’t know what they have, but floral prints always arrive with the sole intention of brightening up our day to day. In full color and in XXL size, this 200-thread-count percale cotton duvet cover with a flower print in different colors is perfect for making a difference.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 05

Elegant, classic and delicate, this version of clusters of navy blue on an off-white background is a hit. Available in several colors, it is made of 200 thread count percale cotton.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 06

the power of linen

If you’re a fan of linen and don’t want to wait for summer to wear clothes made of this fabric, Zara Home wins us over with this design. In khaki green, this 140 g/m² washed linen duvet cover with stitching on the frame has been created to make the vast majority fall in love. Simple but stunning.

Zara Home Sales 2023 Duvet Covers 07

Photos | Zara Home

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Margot Robbie has such a delicate and beautiful manicure that it is perfect for brides

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We have already seen that among the nail trends for 2023, natural tones Y pink They were not going to be missing, as were the ultra-gloss finishes. For this reason, it has not surprised us at all that Margot Robbie has chosen a manicure as elegant as it is delicate to attend the balloons Gold 2023.

Selena Gomez shows how elegant a high ponytail can be at the 2023 Golden Globes

The person in charge of this beauty, has been the manicurist tom bachik that is in charge of embellishing the hands of many celebrities. In this case they have been those of Margot, and the result could not have been more beautiful. so much that her hands looked beautifulwith lots of light and in the same harmony as her pink Chanel dress.

Is about a manicure in a pale pink with a semi-transparent finish, with a result of sweet and innocent nails and ideal for bridal manicures. The enamel used was Essie’s hi maintenance, which only applied one layer, and as a final finish, Essie’s Top Coat Fx Expressie was used, which added extra shine and a subtle silver touch to create the same look. effect than the sequins on the dress.

Photos | Gtres, Matt Baron, @tombachik

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