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Mix Light and Gloss, two techniques that hairdressers recommend for shiny and beautiful hair in 2023

When talking about hair trends, it is inevitable not to mention the triumph of the chestnut. Although the blonde will continue to experience an invincible boom, the dark tones They are already the best allies of thousands of influencers and celebrities such as Aitana, Laura Escanes, Sweetie either Maria Pomboto name just a few.


Haircuts that are trending in 2023 and that rejuvenate if you are 50 years old (or more)

However, if you are thinking of joining this new fashion that leaves blonde on the bench to return to brown, you must bear in mind that you must take care (and very well) of your mane in the process. Hair constantly suffers the consequences of external agents, something that is accentuated especially at specific times of the year, such as summer (and also winter).

Although without a doubt, the most important thing, as stated by Carlos MorenoEducation Manager of the classrooms jean louis david is that “you should avoid experiencing this change yourself.” This change must be carried out “at the hands of a professional”, and with the help of pioneering techniques, such as mix light either Glossthe two most innovative and viral that are already successful on all social networks.



Mix Light: the technique for a natural color

Take note and do not let it pass, because one of the latest news in it careful and coloration hair related. This novel technique consists of combine light and dark tones to create a modern and natural look. This technique is used to create a natural hair look with a hint of color.

Inspired by the 80sconsists of a mixture of light rinses with solar effects together with ultra-shiny effects promoted by the technique ‘Gloss‘ that melt slightly towards the lighter and more natural color that “reminds us of those pastry pieces that have millefeuille”, as the experts from Jean-Louis David.

In addition, it is especially recommended for those people who want to highlight your curls, create a gradient look or to add a touch of glitter to straight hair.

Gloss: the natural shine trend

Defined as finishing technique used to give hair a healthy and natural glow, is one of the favorites of the famous to achieve a result with height. “Gloss is the ideal technique if you are looking to obtain ultra-shiny hair, darken the color or provide reflections, but not if you are looking to lighten the hair”, they say from Jean Louis David.

one of his great advantages is that it adapts to the mane whatever its nature either color, since they can be applied from the lightest hair to the darkest. The process consists of applying a shiny product to the hair for a true injection of shine and light that revives reflections and enhances the natural color.

In addition, this technique also helps to seal the hair cuticle to prevent color fading and keep hair shiny and healthy. However, it is important to emphasize that It is a semi-temporary coloration that “it will progressively go away wash after wash”, they conclude from the brand.


Top 10 Summer Lefties Buys for Women Over 50: Cool, Flowy, and Comfy

We do not always have to spend half a salary to renew the seasonal wardrobe. For this one summer 2023in the news of lefties we have found authentic signings that women over 50 (and surely those under 50) will adore.

Do you want to wear baggy clothes in an elegant way? Click on the video and take note!

Elegant summer looks with baggy clothes

garments loose, comfortable and fresh who follow the most interesting summer trends. Smart purchases that you can easily combine with what you already have and with timeless basics.

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The cool dresses from Mango Outlet that you will wear 24/7 in spring (and also in summer)

We get as much out of the loose and cool dresses from our wardrobe -because they combine both with comfortable-heeled shoes and with sports shoes, which most likely will have tired of them from one year to the next. Don’t feel guilty, it happens to all of us. And we have good news, we have found the dresses that will save you Spring/Summer 2023 season at Mango Outlet.

Since you have assumed that every year you are going to make an investment in renewing your fleet of cool summer dressesTry to keep this expense to a minimum. To achieve this a great option is Mango Outlet, the store where the Catalan chain markets its out-of-season garments. There is an online version and physical stores and you can find cheap, trendy dresses -you know that fashions do not change from one year to the next- and beautiful ones.

Launchmetrics Spotlight

Trendy dresses that we can find at Mango Outlet

Diving through the Mango Outlet website we can find some of the trends in dresses that will be seen a lot this year among wedding guests and at fairs like the one in Seville.

  • the dresses of waiter neckline and puffed sleeves: These are dresses that are very similar to those with a romantic aesthetic, but they incorporate a square neckline and puffed sleeves that are held in place by an elastic band. We can find them in both midi and mini lengths.
  • tie dye dress. Máxima from Holland recently surprised us with a tie-dye dress and this informal style print has become a trend again. Not only that, but now it is worn in a more sophisticated way in fabrics with a shiny finish.

  • Gingham dresses. These squares that are reminiscent of the English countryside are always a good option in summer because they add a fun touch. This year, white is worn combined with any color and not only in small sizes, which is the most classic form, but also in larger paintings. You can combine them with sneakers.

  • Polka Dot Dresses. It is another print that you will not regret investing in because they are always in fashion and you can use them on many different occasions: from the Seville fair to a daytime wedding.

camero dresses

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With what footwear to wear summer dresses?

Summer dresses can change radically depending on the footwear with which we combine them. The same garment gives a 180 degree turn depending on whether we add some canvas sneakers or some very high strappy sandals. And, really, there are dresses that admit both possibilities and become wardrobe wildcards. Halfway between these two options are the wedge espadrilles, with which we do not give up comfort, but we also look stylized.

Mango Outlet summer dresses

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10 informal but elegant Sfera dresses to wear comfortably in Spring/Summer (with sleeves)

The dresses are the main protagonists of Spring/Summer and we confess that this is something that we love. They flatter, they are super easy to combine, they stylize, They are original, they rejuvenate… In short, one of those infallible ones that is worth signing yes or yes. Hence, we have gone shopping in Sfera to make a selection that you will love.

Next, we bring you 10 Sfera dresses that have that winning combo of being informal but elegant at the same time. They are proposals with which you are going to make sure you are comfortable, with which you are going to look stylized, and with which you are going to join several of the trends of the season for its colors, patterns and original details.

Dress with crochet detail by Sfera

The color white is always a hit and favors, so this Sfera dress It had to be yes or yes in our review. If it also has a crochet detail, the original and romantic result is more than guaranteed. Also, this is a design that suits everyone Thanks to the fact that it is fluid, it is cut below the waist and has ruffles.

Printed dress with rubber bands by Sfera

The color blue is always a hit. It favors, is a trend, illuminates… And in a ethnic print can not be better. If we add to this a design with puffed sleeves, a fitted neckline and then a flowing cut, the result is romantic, elegant and versatile.

Sfera cut out dress

we are sure that this Sfera dress will soon be sold out because it has that winning combo of being original, elegant and stylish. It achieves this thanks to details such as its backstitching, its cut out, the appearance of a top and skirt… And the color is super easy to wear. Dare with it because you will love how it looks on you.

Fuchsia dress with panels by Sfera

If the color fuchsia is not yet part of from your Spring/Summer wardrobe, Do not wait any longer because it will fit you ideally. With a good face and rejuvenating effect, you will look great. And a very good way to show it off is this casual but elegant Sfera dress with which you will look comfortable and stylized at the same time.

Sfera printed cami dress

This dress is full of virtues. For the first, for its ethnic pattern and rejuvenating colors. An ideal mix! Then, due to its straight, flowing cut, which does not mark anything and is very fresh. And also for being a camisole style. As an idea, you can incorporate a belt and adjust it to the height that best suits you.

Dress with puffed sleeves by Sfera

Dress with puffed sleeves by Sfera

No matter where we look at it, we love this dress. Because of its color, which is very popular this season. Because of its print, as original as it is elegant. And because of its shape. Because thanks to its crossed neckline, its cut at the waist, its puffed sleeves, its straight cut and the flounceit has everything to become that garment with which you make sure you look great no matter what.

Black and white printed dress by Sfera

The black and white mix It is always a yes, because it is synonymous with style and elegance and because it never goes out of style. So This Sfera dress is a super signing. If we add its short and comfortable sleeves and its fluidity, the success goes further. And it is very easy to combine because it goes with all colors!

Dress with printed panels by Sfera

the flower print It is the top trend in spring and will continue to be so in summer, so it could not be missing from our review. We have included it in a design as flattering as this one, which stylizes and does not mark anything. In addition, its panels give you an original point and a most flattering movement. And it feels good to all!

Sfera embroidered dress

This Sfera dress couldn’t be more romantic! It has conquered us as soon as we have seen details like her blue embroidery on the neckline, the ruffles on its sleeves and the frill at the bottom, super flattering. You’ll succeed with him wherever you go.

Green dress with rubber bands by Sfera

The color green You can not miss in the wardrobes of Spring/Summer, so it had to be present in our collection. Look how ideal it is in this dress! An informal proposal with elegant touches that stylizes and is super comfortable thanks to its shape. A super signing!

basic Zara dress pants

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