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How to Lose weight

Diet to lose 8 cm of belly (and lose 6 kilos)

We insist on losing the belly, on “fighting” the kilos, on “overcoming” abdominal fat. But what we do is go to war with ourselves and this generates discomfort, anxiety, stress. Result? More belly.

If we stress about forcibly fitting into beauty canons such as the obsolete 90-60-90, we are giving the “victory” to cortisol, the stress hormone, which Dr. Greger, a world authority on nutrition, qualifies as as one of the “criminal masterminds” of the current obesity epidemic.

Why do you have a belly?

The stress of daily life and poor nutrition that this stress entails are responsible for the concentration of fat in the abdominal area. As Greger explains, the weight gain caused by cortisol is not distributed equally throughout the body, but tends to be concentrated in certain areas, especially in the belly.

At certain times in a woman’s life, such as menopause, when hormonal changes are added to stress, the tendency to deposit fat in this area is greater. According to an American study, people who live stigmatized by their weight are more stressed and this leads them to eat more, which is a vicious circle that is difficult to break.

The best diet to lose belly

This diet to lose belly is formulated from the respect for our body, because it is about listening to him, hugging him and giving him the calm he needs. We are going to do it from nutrition, with foods that relax the body and mind. With the menus that we propose you will see results in a short time, but we do not put the accent on a specific date, because that only leads to more stress.

The goal is always to feel good. You can lose 6 kilos and up to 8 centimeters of contour in about two months, but if you need more time, give it to yourself. The objective of these changes in your diet is to feel better and take care of your health, not to be accountable to someone – and less so to a mirror – on a certain date.

It’s easy to follow because we give you a week of balanced and effective menus and recipes. In addition to the diet, these exercises to lose belly can also come in handy.

The menu to lose belly

This is the example of what you will eat in one day of the diet to lose belly. Below you have the link to download the complete weekly menu of the diet.

The 1 day menu of the diet to lose belly
Breakfast Whipped Yogurt with Sugar Free Granola and Blueberries
Food Lettuce heart salad with vinaigrette, rosemary chicken and melon
Afternoon snack Celery, Cucumber and Apple Green Smoothie
Dinner Zucchini cream, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and infusion

The nutrient to lose weight belly

This diet is high in foods that provide magnesium, which is known as the mineral of calm, due to the effect it has on the nervous system. Although in principle the diet should cover magnesium needs, the reality is that almost all of us have a deficit of this mineral because our diet is unbalanced, it includes few vegetables and because the stress to which we are subjected makes magnesium requirements higher.

You will see that in the menus we start the day with green smoothies. These vegetable smoothies are a good way to reinforce the supply of magnesium to the body. In addition, the midday meal always includes a good salad of green shoots; and dinner has cooked vegetables.

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The best vitamin to slim the waist

For magnesium to be better absorbed, we need the collaboration of vitamin B6, present in tuna, salmon, legumes, nuts, meat, avocado… For this reason, we combine vegetables with these foods. And, instead, we leave dairy products for snacks between meals, since the calcium they contain can interfere with the absorption of magnesium.

We have prioritized legumes, quinoa or oats ahead of wheat, corn or rice, not to avoid gluten, but because they provide higher doses of magnesium and also contain vitamin B6. When you are at the desired weight and measurements, reintroduce cereals in their whole grain versions, and better in grain than in flour. But if your life is stressful, don’t abandon these new allies (legumes, quinoa…).

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Diet tips to lose belly

  1. Toppings. Adding a few pumpkin seeds to the salad reinforces the supply of magnesium, the same as you get with brewer’s yeast, wheat germ or oat bran. You can use them as toppings in yogurts, creams…
  2. Sweet pluses. Also take a handful of nuts daily; or dried fruit such as figs, dates or dried apricots; or an ounce of dark chocolate. It increases the contribution of magnesium and takes away the “gulita” for the sweet.
  3. Infusion for dinner. It is made of equal parts of valerian, passionflower, lemon balm, linden or California poppy, with a sedative action. A quality sleep is essential to fight against stress and abdominal overweight. Here you have more infusions to lose weight in the belly.
  4. Sunbathe. Exposing yourself to the sun activates a mechanism that helps you accumulate less subcutaneous fat thanks to the incidence of the sun’s rays on the skin, according to a study by the University of Alberta (Canada).
  5. Restful sleep. Harvard Medical School (USA) ensures that if you sleep little you burn 8% fewer kcal, which is equivalent to gaining 5.5 kilos a year. In addition, lack of sleep alters the hormones that regulate your appetite, and can lead you to overeat and crave foods that are higher in fat and sugar.
  6. The schedule of the reducing cream. Chronobiology indicates that it is most effective to apply it between 6 and 8 in the morning. At these times the hormones “empty” the fat cells to meet the body’s energy needs, so the cream helps to mobilize this localized fat in the belly. Reapply the cream at night to maximize the effect.

Diet recipes to lose belly

How to Lose weight

allow wine, it is easy and satiating

Marie Chantal is princess of Greece and Denmark and one of the royals that is currently most talked about. The businesswoman, socialite and wife of Pablo from Greece has become the queen consort of the Hellenic country. In a symbolic way, since in Greece there is no monarchy. She is the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, Robert Warren Miller, creator of the stores Duty Free from the airports.

At 55, Marie Chantal has a fantastic figure, and in large part it is thanks to their routines and habits. He declares himself a fan of Peloton Bike (which many of us in Spain met thanks to the first season of the sequel to sex in new york, Just Like That) and Pilates.

She has a blog where she gives advice on nutrition, wellness and motherhood. And it is there that she has explained that follow the F Factor diet. It is a little-known diet in Spain that is based on combining lean proteins with carbohydrates rich in fiber, which are low in calories and keep you full throughout the day.

What is Marie Chantal’s Factor F diet?

The F Factor diet is a weight loss plan that focuses on combination of foods rich in fiber and lean protein. It differs from other types of diets because it does not propose the elimination of any food group such as carbohydrates or fats. In fact, it’s a diet that emphasizes flexibility and doesn’t place restrictions when it comes to eating out or enjoying a glass of wine. The F in the name of the diet refers to the first letter of fiber, since it is the main element.

Marie Chantal Diet F Factor


The most important thing about the Factor F diet followed by Marie Chantal is that fiber intake is drastically increased.

This dietary guideline is based on making three meals a day plus a snack. It is designed to be low in carbohydrates, to be a satiating diet and to prevent hunger and frustration.

On her blog, Marie Chantal details the F-Factor diet nutritional plan she follows. Every day it takes

  • 37 grams of fiber.
  • 40 grams of carbohydrates.
  • 20 grams of protein per meal.

The dietitian and nutritionist from Pamplona Adriana Oroz Lacunza (@adristylelife) explains that this diet does not stray far from healthy eating recommendations, except for the supplements it proposes, and follows the nutritional recommendations of the Mediterranean diet pattern by encouraging the consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits. dry, like high-fiber foods.

Origin of the diet Factor F

The F Factor diet was created by dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot. Since the publication of his book The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss in 2006, the dietician has developed a brand of products around the diet. According to its creator, this diet helps you achieve healthy weight loss without depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy the most.

How is the F Factor diet made?

The F Factor diet places great emphasis on the consumption of Carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. To help the body adapt to this eating pattern, the diet consists of three phases or steps:

  1. Phase 1. At this stage, which usually lasts about two weeks, we must incorporate at least 35 grams of fiber per day into our diet and eat less than 35 grams of net carbohydrates (total carbohydrates minus fiber). In addition, the total calories ingested daily must be between 1,000 and 1,200.
  2. Phase 2. This phase, known as “continuous weight loss,” is continued until all the desired weight has been lost. Recommendations include consuming between 1,267-1,467 calories per day while maintaining high fiber intake. Net carbs increase to 75 grams per day.
  3. Phase 3. This stage is known as maintenance. The recommendation is to consume 1,600 to 2,000 calories per day (based on body mass index, or BMI) and 125 grams of net carbohydrates per day, while maintaining a high fiber intake.

The nutritionist and dietitian Adriana Oroz recommends that we increase the intake of fiber through food and taking supplements, how would she approach this diet, It should be done in a staggered way. since they could generate certain digestive discomfort in certain people. In addition, it reminds us that fiber is a nutrient that our body does not absorb, so its excessive consumption can cause the drag of other nutrients and cause nutritional deficiencies.

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How much weight is lost with this diet?

With the Factor F diet you can lose half a kilo a week. It is a healthy and balanced diet. Also, it is an easy type of diet to follow. By not being restrictive, it can help to maintain it over time and prevent us from falling into the rebound effect. The reality is that the word diet does not fully fit this dietary pattern, since diets usually last for a short time, while this plan provides long-term solutions and proposes habits that you can implement to improve your life and well-being.

Why fiber helps to lose weight?

The foods recommended on this diet are high in fiber, a nutrient known to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Fiber is digested slowly, keeping us full or feeling satiated for longer. In addition, it regulates intestinal transit avoiding constipation.

The nutritionist and dietitian Adriana Oroz explains that fiber itself does not make us lose weight, but it does help to better regulate our feelings of hunger during the day. However, this nutrient does have many other benefits:

  • Research shows that diets high in fiber can lower cholesterol LDL (bad).
  • Foods with higher fiber content tend to prevent sugar spikes in the blood.
  • Eating a high fiber diet promotes bowel regularity.
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What foods are eaten on the F Factor Diet?

The F Factor diet does not describe general guidelines on what to eat, although it does place a strong emphasis on eating healthy foods such as:

  • High fiber foods. I eat fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and legumes like chickpeas
  • lean protein. We find it in eggs, white fish, chicken, beef or fresh cheese.
  • Complex carbohydrates. They must be integral so that their fiber intake is superior.
f factor diet greek salad


A Greek salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese, and chicken is a perfect example of an F Factor diet meal.

In addition, the F Factor diet also recommends get extra fiber through their fiber and protein bars, protein and fiber shakes and crunchy crackers. In fact, Marie Chantal declares herself a fan of crackers or salty cookies. These are made using bran, rye flour, a touch of salt, and water from springs in Norway. The royal she recommends eating them with avocado and smoked salmon or almond butter, bananas, and a drizzle of honey.

Another of his tips to follow this diet is to drink protein and fiber shakes. Her recipe calls for mixing together two scoops of protein and fiber powder (her favorite trick is one scoop of unflavored mix and one scoop of the chocolate-flavored supplement), almond milk, ice, and 1 cup of blueberries.

The F-Factor diet also warns against eating meat that is high in fat and encourages dieters to avoid saturated fat and added sugar.

Why is the F Factor diet ideal for women 50 and older?

The F Factor diet is ideal for women aged 50 and over because it is about a balanced diet. It is a lifestyle approach to eating healthy and delicious food.

Also, increasing fiber intake at that age can help regulate intestinal transit and maintain a balanced microbiota. In turn, taking lean proteins helps repair cells and tissues, and maintains muscle mass, helping to combat flaccidity.

Dietitian and nutritionist Adriana Oroz reminds us that at this age it is essential to maintain an active lifestyle to ensure that weight loss does not imply loss of muscle mass.

1-day menu of the Factor F diet by Marie Chantal

  • Breakfast. 4 whole grain crackers with turkey and tomato + coffee with vegetable milk.
  • Meal. Greek salad with chicken, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives and feta cheese.
  • Snack. White yogurt with granola, blueberries, dark chocolate and peanut butter.
  • Dinner. Steamed salmon and broccoli with sauteed spinach.
Weekly diet to lose 3 kilos in a healthy way

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How to Lose weight

The 5 FORBIDDEN foods of Queen Letizia to be slim and young (they are very common)

Since we found out about the rumors that point to the Queen Letizia would be a faithful follower of the Perricone diet, we do not stop informing ourselves of this form of healthy eating. She is always the greatest inspiration to us. In each of her appearances we look at her looks and how great she looks. Because it is clear that, despite her busy schedule, Queen Letizia always takes time to take care of her. She likes to follow a routine in which sports are not lacking and in which food plays a fundamental role. And for that, there is Food that I would not eat.

Queen Letizia's healthy fitness breakfast: super easy to prepare, satiating and VERY tasty

What is the Perricone diet that Queen Letizia would follow?

We are going to tell you what are those foods that would be ‘forbidden’ for Queen Letizia. But first, we remind you of what this diet that I would follow consists of. The Perricone diet was developed by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, who after several years of studies, came to the conclusion that inflammation, in addition to causing serious diseases, was also the cause of skin aging, the appearance of stretch marks and the formation of wrinkles. It was from this conclusion that he developed this anti-aging diet that helps alleviate excesses and maintain super beautiful and rejuvenated skin.

What are the prohibited foods of the Perricone diet?

There are many foods that the Perricone diet allows. Among them, they have a special role those that contain antioxidants and high-quality protein. But it is not enough to take into account which are the most consumed foods in this diet. To follow it properly, you must keep in mind which ones are recommended not to consume. Watch out! Because they are foods that we might think would not be prohibited in a healthy diet because they are quite common.

perricone diet

On the Perricone diet there is no room for fruits such as orange, watermelon and banana, and for vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. The reason why these foods are prohibited is because due to their properties and the fact that they contain sugars, carbohydrates or a high amount of calories, it leads to issues such as skin aging, weight gain, or that inflammation that is intended to be avoided. with this diet that Queen Letizia would take into account in her day to day.

How to follow the Perricone diet that Queen Letizia would follow?

If after this you want to know more about the Perricone diet, do not hesitate to consult this link because you will have everything to follow this diet that could be Queen Letizia’s favorite.

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How to Lose weight

5 ingredients, satiating and tasty

Nuria Roca always inspires us. And not only when it comes to dressing! The presenter is one of those women who leaves us great ideas of how to take care of ourselves despite having off-road days on our agendas. He does sports, pampers himself with some aesthetic care, takes care of his diet… And the good thing is that he shares many of these things. A few weeks ago, we loved the Valencian rice recipe that you posted on your Instagram, so we took a look on your social network to find more recipes. And we are in luck! Because you have shared one of a chickpea salad that is very easy to copy, rich and healthy.

Queen Letizia's healthy fitness breakfast: super easy to prepare, satiating and VERY tasty

Nuria Roca’s chickpea salad

Whenever we talk to you about salads, we like to remind you that they don’t have to be boring. Quite the opposite! The options that exist are endless, varied and with a lot of flavor. In the case of Nuria Roca, she has prepared a chickpea salad that contains ingredients with many properties, which turns out to be super successful and will only take a few minutes to prepare. Look what a look!

Recipe Nuria Roca


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What ingredients does Nuria Roca’s chickpea salad have?

Nuria Roca shared what were the ingredients that you have used for your salad. The presenter has revealed that her dish has tomato, onion, carrot, lettuce, avocado, hard-boiled egg, tuna, chickpeas, oil, vinegar and salt. And ready!

Of the ingredients it contains, we are going to highlight some that we really liked that Nuria has incorporated into a salad.

  • We love that chickpeas become the ingredient with which to give a different touch to the salad. It’s a great idea incorporate legumes into the diet How recommendable are they? If you’re short on time, you can opt for canned chickpeas so you won’t have to cook them.
  • We also like that it has avocado, because if there is a food whose fats are healthy and with a lot of antioxidant properties, that’s this. Incorporating it into salads is a great way to consume it.
  • About the hard-boiled egg, we remind you that it is a food very nutritious and satiating. It has vitamin A, B12, minerals such as phosphorus and potassium… And since it is cooked with cooking, you will not add extra calories to your recipes.
  • As for the sauce with which to accompany it, Nuria Roca has thrown of the classic mix of oil and vinegar. But you can choose between different types of vinaigrette to add different flavors and thus give the most different touches.

Chickpea salad ideas

Nuria Roca’s salad idea is ten, but so that you have more to inspire yourself, here we leave you 11 chickpea salad ideas so that you can incorporate this legume into your diet in the most light and nutritious. Don’t wait for summer! Because this is delicious at any time of the year.

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